Rules and Regulations

•  Morning Ist bell is at 8.30 a.m. and students must be present for the assembly in time. (8.30 – 9.15 : Yoga, 9.15 – Assembly, 9.25 – Regular Class)

•  Your ward/s are expected to attend prayer on time. Habitual late comers will be strictly dealt with.

•  You can send lunch through your children or can leave it with the security personally at the gate (with labels of the child on the lunch bags).

•  Your child’s uniform should be neatly washed and pressed. They are exected to come to school with properly combed hair (girls to put two plaits with uniform ribbons).

•  Children will not be sent home during the school hours. Only emergency reasons will be considered by the Principal/Vice Principal.

•  Please do not send your child to school, if he/she is suffering from any infection.

•  Your child / children is /are supposed to speak only in English inside the school campus.

•  Girls are not supposed to wear dazzling nail polish and long fancy earrings, Costly ornaments should not be worn to school.

•  Your child is required to secure 40% marks in each subject in every term of the year for promotion to next class.

•  Your kids are expected to follow rules and regulations of the school and also show good behaviour.

•  All text books and exercise books should be neatly wrapped and labeled. Text books etc, should be sent only according to the time table for that particular day to reduce the burden on the children.

•  You are informed to send your children to all celebrations at school without fail.

•  Chewing of bubble gum is not allowed inside the school campus.

•  Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.

•  Any communication, request or complaint should be addressed to the Principal / Vice Principal.

•  We request you to follow the instructions for the betterment of the children / school


Dear Parents,

Let us share the responsibility of moulding our children first into good human beings, then into good citizens of India. We hope to receive total cooperation and support from you in making this institution a center of excellence. We request you to attend all the “Parent Teacher” meetings regularly.


We expect our students to maintain high standards of personal conduct. This includes personal honesty, discipline integrity, ethics and values.

Students are accountable to the school authorities for their conduct in the school premises, for their general behavior outside, while in the school transport and at all school approved events or activities.

Students are expected to move in a single line without causing any disturbance to other classes.

Any objectionable conduct on the part of the student will make her / him liable for disciplinary action.

Irregular attendance, habitual want of leave application, obscenity in words or acts, insubordination to teachers and any kind of misconduct even outside the school premises are sufficient reasons for expulsion of a student.

Students should not remain in the classroom during the recess without a written request from their parents. Sudents should not leave the premises during the school working hours.

Nominal fee is changed for the following:

Talking in Tulu : Rs. 10.00
Out Shirt : Rs. 10.00
Missing ID : Rs. 30.00
Bringing Mobile in Class : Rs. 500.00
Boys without haircut : Rs. 50.00
Boys with ornaments : Rs. 20.00
Without Uniform : Rs. 50.00


Parents are advised to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing discipline by making sure that their children attend school regulary, do the assignments, devote sufficient time to reading and revising their lessons at home and take interest in all activities of the school.

Any loss or damage to school property by the student will have to be made good by the parent.

Criticism of the child’s teacher or the school in her/his presence should be avoided because children lose respect for their teachers and consequently fail to learn from them.


Boys are not permitted to : (i)  Have long hair, streaked hair and fancy hair styles (ii) Wear bands / bracelets / Chains / earrings.

Girls are not permitted to : (i) have streaked hair, fancy hair styles, leave shoulder length or long hair untied (ii) wear eye makeup and more than one ear piercing (iii) wear gold, bangles and chains, colourful and fancy jewellery, long earrings (iv) colourful clips, painted nails or mehendi.


The class teacher must be notified when the student returns to school after the absence for even a single day. The parent must state the reason for her/ his absence in the absence record of the school diary. Such students who are absent for three days or more without intimation will have their names stricken off the rolls and may not be readmitted.

Examination & Promotions

Tests and Examinations
The school will conduct periodic tests and exams as scheduled and attendance is compulsory in all of them. If a holiday is declared on the scheduled Test/Examination day the same will be conducted after the last of the Test/Examination.

Class VIII to X
To reduce the stress and anxiety which often builds up during and after the examination, a process of continuous and comprehensive evaluation is followed and feed back is provided regularly to parents. The academic year has been divided into two terms. The first term will be from June-September and the Second Term from October-March.

Evaluation of Scholastic Areas :
Each term will have two formative assessments and one summative assessment for evaluation of scholastic areas.

Formative Assessment :
The school does not restrict the formative assessment to only a paper-pen test. There are other means of testing such as assignments, projects, practicals, oral testing.

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